Learn The Exact Strategies Dr. Rich Castellano Used To Take His Cosmetic Practice From Near Bankruptcy To Over $3 Million Per Year ...As A Sole Provider ...With NO Insurance Reimbursements

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What Doctors Are Saying

You will absolutely learn valuable strategies to:
• Make Your Staff More Productive
• Avoid Burnout
• Create A More Profitable Practice

Dr. Ross Clevens

Techniques are simple to learn and highly effective...

"Dr. Rich shared the best information of the entire convention! You can’t go wrong with his material. My team and I just love his protocols. His techniques are simple to learn and highly effective."

Great results with my team and my patients...

“Dr. Rich will change your thinking. His insight is brilliant and his thought experiments are elegant. You will absolutely learn valuable strategies to use in the office, and you need to share this with your entire staff. I have seen great results with my team, and most importantly with my patients. My sincere thanks to Dr. Rich for helping me to create more happiness in my life and in my business. There is no doubt in my mind that you will love his systems!”

Dr. Frank Bono
Dr. JD McCoy

Dr. Rich helped us elevate our entire business...

"We use the tools that Dr. Rich teaches every single day - it makes me smile just thinking about it! He is a passionate leader with great insight into business and communication. Dr. Rich helped us elevate our patients, our entire business, and the art of practice."

Simple and effective tools that absolutely work...

“Dr. Rich's invaluable lessons are based in scientific research, proven medical wisdom, and the latest strategies for high performance. He translates complex knowledge so that it is teachable and applicable to anyone at any level. These key concepts and communication skills foster team-building, customer service, and personal development. These simple and effective tools absolutely work.”

Emile Allen, MD

Meet The Smile Dr.

Dr. Rich Castellano aka 'The Smile Dr.' helps cosmetic practitioners make their staff more productive, grow their businesses and avoid burnout so they can have more fun at work, enjoy more free time and make their practices more profitable. He is an award-winning, double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, bestselling author of "The Smile Prescription", and founder of the Practice Profitability MD System.