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Proven Consultation Strategy For A $4.5+ Million Practice

What to tell your team when they think they are good at consultations, but patients still say “No!”

Discover how you can increase your consultation close rates and patient satisfaction based on Dr. Rich Castellano's experience of going from near bankruptcy to over $4.5 million in cosmetic revenue

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You'll learn how you and your team can:
  • Manage the most common objections
• I need to think about it
• I don't have the money or time
• I have to discuss it with my husband / wife
  • Avoid and overcome burnout
  • Allows a patient to say "YES" right now
  • Prevent doctor shopping, tire kickers and price shoppers 
  • Make patients understand what sets you apart from the competition
  • Create deep trust and set correct expectations
Award-winning, double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano (aka 'The Smile Dr.') turned everything he learned on the brink of bankruptcy (what works AND what doesn't) into a replicable, step-by-step system that now generates over $4.7 million per year for his practice ImageLift - as a SOLE provider - with NO insurance reimbursements.

And that is how, through thousands of hours of trial, error and testing - not to mention over a quarter million dollars (and counting) of training, consultants and coaches - 
the Practice Profitability Makeover was born!
“What’s amazing Rich, you revealed a fun and effective way to connect with my staff. We learned a lot and it has fundamentally changed my practice skills. They are so jazzed now we had 5 consults closed in one day! I know the cost of the Practice Profitability System is so modest for all your time and expertise. Loved the unique and smart scripts. It was very enlightening for me to remember the power emotion has on the care we give and that being genuine is the core of what being a doctor is all about. Thanks for being a great mentor and coach!"
Dr. Larry Fan   |   Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon   |   San Francisco, CA

“I really didn’t think Practice Profitability MD would be worth my time (or money) because I didn’t think I would learn anything new. But the way you present it, your analysis, is very helpful. How you analyze problems and come up with solutions, that is your key strength. This will help doctors in their ability to function in their practice. To take things to the next level. Not just in good quality of care but to inspire staff loyalty. Your approach helped me become a better practice owner. You motivate me!"
Dr. Adam Schaffner   |   Plastic Surgeon   |   New York, NY

“I want that next level in my practice, and I think about it constantly. Yet there never seems to be enough time. Practice Profitability MD has been really been a game-changer for me. I wasn’t expecting the advice and guidance to be this profound. My schedule has more surgical bookings and the team is more engaged. Revenue is up 14% from last year! Thank you Dr. Rich for your compassion and your caring. These systems have been a tremendous investment in my team, my patients, and my quality of life. I’m happy to recommend Practice Profitability MD to everyone!”
Dr. Evan Ransom   |   Facial Plastic Surgeon   |   San Francisco, CA

“We were skeptical at the beginning because we thought we’d already heard all the strategies at the national meetings, what more can this add? Your approach is different and refreshing, and what works in your practice works in our practice too! Practice Profitability MD has been very transformative for our practice. Your course is methodical, high energy, and allowed us to energize the staff. Your gratitude and thankfulness comes across in everything you do, and it has inspired our office. This is helping us grow our practice. We are fully confident and super pumped!"
Drs. Elbert & Jackie Cheng   |   Facial Plastic Surgeons   |   Saratoga, CA

“I had so much going on, I just didn’t think I had time to join. Practice Profitability MD gave me a simple structure to take action and grow my practice. You’ve done a great job helping with what other people tend to be uncomfortable with - like being humble, selling yourself, putting yourself out there. Doctors often internalize problems and don’t always act on them. I just have to get out there and do it!"
Dr. Rob Whitfield   |   Plastic Surgeon   |   Austin, TX

“After sitting with my staff to go over the strategies from the [Practice Profitability MD] masterclass, I could see light bulbs going off in their heads. Based on your innovative suggestions, one thing we’ve really benefited from has been - the checklist. New ways to capture important info and making sure they do every item, every time. It makes my staff more confident they can say it so that people understand it. We have also found that we run into fewer misunderstandings with callers."
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan   |   Plastic Surgeon   |   San Francisco, CA

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