For the 6 weeks my office was closed due to Covid19, we brought in over $179,000 in revenue

We were pre-selling treatments while my office was empty!

How did we do it?

(which I give you access to below).

During these uncertain times, there are so many questions.

An important question to ask is,

“Should YOUR team be calling YOUR patients?”

Top 7 Reasons Why Doctors' Teams Should Be Calling Their Patients Right Now:
#1. Patients Need Us!
Talking to and serving our patients feels good and is what we live for! Their need for us now is greater than ever.
  • Cabin fever is at an all-time-high!
  • Revlon built their business during the depression, and we all need uplifting.
  • We love looking and feeling our best and so do our patients!
Patients love it when our team calls them ( :
#2. No one else is reaching out to them.
Doctors are busy doing a lot of things, and connecting with patients is often not one of them.
  • We must meet our patients where they are.
  • Patients appreciate those who deeply understand our needs and seek to serve them.
  • We need to set ourselves apart from others in the industry, and calling our patients is the perfect opportunity!
  • Patients will never forget the doctors who compassionately reach out during this time of need.
This time will be seared in people's minds and those businesses that reach out professionally and thoughtfully will be more top-of-mind once this is over. Taking this time to be top of mind will payback tenfold.
#3. Outbound calls keep your staff engaged.
Great scripts allow them to stay on track! Shooting from the hip is for amateurs, and now is the time to raise the professionalism of your team.
  • We have to ramp up our teams again, and outbound calls are the perfect way to start!
  • During “normal” times outbound calls are essential for having a profitable practice. Now it means so much more to both patients and your practice.
  • Patients really appreciate outbound calls when they are done correctly. It is so much fun making patients happy and contributing to well-being and reputation of the practice.
  • Outbound calls create long-term patient relationships that will yield enormous returns, both personally and professionally.
Right now your staff can be practicing and developing the priceless habit of making outbound calls. Your staff will be happy to make these calls, touching base with former patients.
#4. Phone calls are a small investment with a LARGE ROI.
  • With a proper script, an outbound caller can easily bring in tens of thousands of dollars or more each month.
  • Your existing patients will spend more money in your practice if you allow them to.
  • Don’t neglect your existing leads and patients. It is expensive and time consuming to nurture “new leads.”
#5. Lockdown creates pent-up demand.
  • Many people are conserving expenses now, and many people are still finding ways to invest in themselves.
  • We all want something to look forward to, and you are giving this to your patients.
  • People are going stir crazy and READY to get out there. We all want to return to our “normal”.
#6. We need to fill our schedule and you can start a wait-list for your treatments.
  • When doors open, we don’t want an empty schedule.
  • What we do now determines our success for the rest of the year.
  • If they don’t go to you, they will go somewhere.
#7. Accelerate your economic recovery.
  • We have a moral obligation to run a successful and profitable business.
  • We are our own best safety net. Putting the work in now delivers consistent and predictable results.
  • Payroll doesn’t pay itself.
Of course, we will all be following CDC, federal, state and local guidelines. What guidelines will you be following to sustain and grow your business?
Meet Your PPMD Host and Trainer

Award-winning, double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Rich Castellano (aka ‘The Smile Dr.’) turned everything he learned on the brink of bankruptcy (what works AND what doesn’t work) into a replicable, step-by-step system that generated over $4.7 million in cosmetic revenue for his practice ImageLift in 2019 - as a SOLE provider - with NO insurance reimbursements.

These strategies are even more valuable now as we rebuild our practices, and Dr. Rich is sharing the exact phone scripts that his team successfully used to get things started! 

Making outbound calls can be engaging fun and profitable for your team!

These are the exact scripts my team has used to bring on over $179,000 in revenue in the last 6 weeks with doors closed.

These scripts and strategies are easily worth more than $10,000 per month for any practice that implements them.

Normally, we would be charging $297 for a product of this nature.

Considering the current circumstances, we are providing a Covid19 discount of $200 making it only $97 for the complete scripts and accompanying training videos.

What you will get:

Detailed scripts and training videos on different options for what to say to patients and leads.

We also provide how you prioritize these options and make the most out of your limited conversation window.

Scripts for 3 categories of patients:
  1. Previous patients that have had treatments or procedures.

  2. Patients that have had consultations or been to a seminar or webinar but have not done treatments.

  3. Leads that have sent their information in, but have not performed a consultation or been to a seminar or webinar.

While your staff is connecting with patients, these scripts will allow your staff to build rapport and thoughtfully identify patients that are interested and willing to move forward with your services.

Bonus: Unhappy Patient Script and Video!

When making outbound calls, you will occasionally come across an unhappy patient.

This is normal in any practice. It is always better to reach out to these patients before they reach out to you (or post online).

This is your opportunity to re-connect and re-establish the proper relationship with them.

We have specifically outlined what you must say IMMEDIATELY when you come across an unhappy patient.

The last thing you want is an untrained staff who is in less than a stellar mood interacting with an unhappy patient.

Not knowing what to say to unhappy patients is the best way to make them more unhappy.

With our script you can guide them and make sure you are equipped to communicate with them in a way that will actually make them happy!

We have made this as simple as possible.

Most practices don’t train their team extensively, and the Ritz Carlton provides over 200 hours of training for their staff.

The more we commit to training our team, the better the results we will see.

The investment is small and necessary to achieve predictable and consistent results.

As always, we guarantee your satisfaction, and we are excited to hear your success stories!

Doctors LOVE Our Programs:

“What’s amazing Rich, you revealed a fun and effective way to connect with my staff. We learned a lot and it has fundamentally changed my practice skills. My team are so jazzed now we had 5 consults closed in one day! I know the cost of the Practice Profitability MD System is so modest for all your time and expertise. Loved the unique and smart scripts. It was very enlightening for me to remember the power emotion has on the care we give and that being genuine is the core of what being a doctor is all about. Thanks for being a great mentor and coach!”

Larry Fan, MD
Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon
San Francisco

“Practice Profitability MD has given me the confidence to look at myself and my practice and recognize what has been holding us back. With Rich’s mentoring, my team is now taking a new level of ownership in the office, and we are seeing a more consults now. This isn’t about training your staff with practice management, this is about creating a patient experience my team did not realize was possible. Dr. Rich, we can not thank you enough for your dedication and integrity as you assist doctors with the tools and skills they need most. Your program has impacted our sales, marketing, business management, patient care, & most importantly, my quality of life ( : ”

Trey Sands, MD

Plastic Surgeon

New Orleans, LA

“I had so much going on, I just didn’t think I had time to join. Practice Profitability MD gave me a simple structure to take action and grow my practice. You’ve done a great job helping with what other people tend to be uncomfortable with - like being humble, selling yourself, putting yourself out there. Doctors often internalize problems and don’t always act on them. I just have to get out there and do it!”

Dr. Robert Whitfield, MD, FACS

Plastic Surgeon

Austin, TX

“Rich, I just wanted to let you know I’m doing great! I’ve loved learning from your first hand experience and being involved in a group of people, a community of doctors, all trying to push their limits. Taking a step back to work on myself has directly affected me in the office. Getting my team to work with me is becoming more and more seamless. I really feel my staff and I are starting to click. They are getting this “I got you” mentality and predicting my next moves. I absolutely recommend this to any doctor that wants a roadmap on how to build a success system. For me, the big thing was eliminating negativity.”

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH​

Plastic Surgeon​

San Francisco, CA

“I really didn’t think Practice Profitability MD would be worth my time (or money) because I didn’t think I would learn anything new. But the way you present it, your analysis, is very helpful. How you analyze problems and come up with solutions, that is your key strength. This will help doctors in their ability to function in their practice. To take things to the next level. Not just in good quality of care but to inspire staff loyalty. Your approach helped me become a better practice owner. You motivate me!"

Adam Schaffner, MD
Plastic Surgeon
New York, NY

“We were skeptical at the beginning because we thought we’d already heard all the strategies at the national meetings, what more could this add? Your approach is different and refreshing, and what works in your practice works in our practice too! Practice Profitability MD has been very transformative for our practice and our revenue is up 40%! Your course is methodical, high energy, and allowed us to energize the staff. Your gratitude and thankfulness comes across in everything you do, and it has inspired our office. This is helping us grow our practice. We are fully confident and super pumped!”

Dr. Elbert Cheng & Dr. Jackie Cheng, MDs

Facial Plastic Surgeons

Saratoga, CA

“Rich, I just wanted to let you know I’m doing great! I’ve loved learning from your first hand experience and being involved in a group of people, a community of doctors, all trying to push their limits. Taking a step back to work on myself has directly affected me in the office. Getting my team to work with me is becoming more and more seamless. I really feel my staff and I are starting to click. They are getting this “I got you” mentality and predicting my next moves. I absolutely recommend this to any doctor that wants a roadmap on how to build a success system. For me, the big thing was eliminating negativity.”

Dr. Amit Patel​

MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon​

Lexington, KY

“At first, I didn’t think I had the time but I have really enjoyed the Practice Profitability MD program. Dr. Rich Castellano’s enthusiasm and practice ideas have motivated me to make changes that really make a difference in my practice. The course information, webinars and personal coaching with Rich have helped me to refocus back on my practice and to re-energize my staff and myself. This has been a great investment; I have enjoyed positive financial results. I give thanks to have learned so much from you!”

Al Fox, MD

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dartmouth, MA

“Before I found the Practice Profitability MD System, I didn’t even know what I needed. At first, it was scary because I knew I need to change but didn’t know how. It got me out of my rut. I am now applying what I learned in other areas of my life. Love the scripts. I absolutely recommend PPMD because I know firsthand how powerful it is. My team is now tighter, more emotionally bonded, more cohesive. It’s making me better in work and life. More healthy, emotionally balanced, and positive. I love your servant leadership, Dr. Rich!”

Dominique Well, ARNP

Well Medical Arts

Seattle, WA

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