Does your marketing have BITE?
from lead generation...
to Raving-Fan generation.

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Need More Tools To Create Practice Profitability?

It's making me better in work and life.

“Before I found the Practice Profitability MD System, I didn’t even know what I needed. At first, it was scary because I knew I need to change but didn’t know how. It got me out of my rut. I am now applying what I learned in other areas of my life. Love the scripts. I absolutely recommend PPMD because I know firsthand how powerful it is. My team is now tighter, more emotionally bonded, more cohesive. It’s making me better in work and life. More healthy, emotionally balanced, and positive. I love your servant leadership, Dr. Rich!"

Dominique Well, ARNP  //  MedSpa Owner  //  Seattle, WA

Everyone should be a part of Practice Profitability MD...

“I’ve been in practice for 22 years and my practice is already successful. But I figured, even if I only pull out a pearl or two, it was worth the price of the course. I was surprised to find so many invaluable pearls in what you teach. Calls with you on the phone are amazing. The biggest obstacle for me has been staffing. Getting staff involved is harder than it looks. What you teach about how you do your seminars is invaluable. So many pearls in your free seminar strategy. The time and energy that you put into it, it’s a well oiled machine. What do I think? I think everyone should be a part of Practice Profitability MD!"

Mark Berkowitz, MD  //  OculoFacial Surgeon  //  Detroit, MI

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