Dr. Rich Week In Review Video
Week of August 10th
Business Identity

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Dr. Rich: Hello everyone, Dr. Rich Castellano here, the Smile Dctor. We are going to talk today about something that is so critically important, it touches everything in your business and it has made an enormous difference in my business and continues to evolve every day. And this is your business identity. Who you are. And, what do I mean by that?

How we see ourselves, how we define ourselves, speaks volumes to our patients, to our team members, it sets expectations, it gives you insight into your results on why your succeeding, where your challenges are coming from, and what you need to do to solve them. Now, most important about your business identity is not so much as to where you are, but where you want to be. And when you know how to manage and grow your identity, it gives you a lot of strength, it's fun, it's empowering.

To give your team a sense of clarity, it allows them to do their job at their best. So, it's like any map, let's start with where your identity is right now, we'll talk about where you wanna be, and then how to get there. So, how do you determine what your identity is? I mean, you know who you are, right? Your business identity, who you are is how do you see yourself? If you had to describe yourself to someone, what would you say? Now, don't be too humble, it's okay to brag.

It's not boasting if you can actually back it up. You've done a lot of important impressive things to make it to where you are today. What are those things, how do you describe yourself? It's important to write that down. Now, if you really want some powerful insight into your identity, ask other people. Ask those who love you, who are close to you. They'll tell you. Ask your significant other, friends, your kids, family members.

Ask your team members. If you had to describe my identity, what would you say? Or you can ask them, what do you feel my most empowering traits are? What is most remarkable about what we've done here? How do you see me, how do you define me? Now, some people may say, "Whoa, I gotta be careful how I answer that, I don't wanna offend you." But they'll give you thoughtful insight and maybe something you didn't think about.

Now, once you have an idea of who you are where you are now, the fun part is where would you like to be? And give yourself an opportunity to have whatever you want and when you're thinking about what you would like to be, ask yourself what do you wanna achieve and why? These are some important questions that will allow you to define your identity. How do you see yourself? What is absolutely non-negotiable in what you do?

What must you have? What are you okay with not having, right? If something doesn't matter, be clear about that. Be cautious about defining your identity as to what you are not. I am not this, I am not that. It's okay to have negative boundaries, but lead with the positive because if you're always telling people who you're not, they may not actually know who you really are.

Here's another way to identify your identity is to define your identity, how do you define yourself in a crisis? How do you respond in a crisis? How do you treat unhappy patients, unhappy employees? Refund requests? A powerful way to shape your identity, which I have used for many years, is coaching. That is, paying someone to look at what you're doing, you present data to them, you present your story and your identity to them, and they give you feedback, they give you guidance based on what your goals are.

I pay three coaches a lot of money and I spend time with them at least once a week, if not more, to help me, am I consistent with my identity? We're human. No matter what identity you create, there will be times when we don't follow through on that identity, we're not true to who we are. That's just a part of being human so our best effort is try and be your best self as much as possible and guess what?

Sometimes you overdo it, you become even better than what you realize, that's often the case when you really focus on who you are, who you wanna be, and you have fun with it and you really go for it. Now, not just coaching for you, but what coaching goes on for your team and your business, that's a part of your identity. You're training for your business, how frequently do you do it? How good is the content?

Do you seek expert advice? Do you DIY when it comes to coaching or training? These are all critically important questions in how you shape your identity, your identity of your revenue, your identity of your profitability, your identity of your marketing, your identity of how you educate patients, your identity of your organization skills, your time management, your calendar management, your project management.

So, the goal of this video is to stimulate your creative imagination so that you could start thinking about who are you really? Well, I know who I am. We see ourselves in the mirror, but how do we define ourselves? What is the story that we tell ourselves about us and also, what is the story that your team tells themselves about you or tells other people about you and what is the story that your patients tell about you, about their experience with you that is all a part of your identity.

So, have fun exploring your identity and, more importantly, creating your identity because that is one of the greatest gifts that we have as human beings is creating who we become, our character, what we consider to be living life, what makes us joyous, what makes us feel good. It's such a wonderful thing, I love doing it every day and this is a part of my identity. Connecting with you, so reach out, let me know, how can I help you shape your identity?

I look forward to hearing from you soon, I'm Dr. Rich Castellano, we'll see ya in the next video.

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