Dr. Rich Post-Covid Week In Review
Week of July 27th
Stimulate Your Creative Imagination

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Dr. Rich: Hello everyone, Dr. Rich Castellano here. The Smile Doctor at Image Lift, and for our practice profitability, MD week in review. Today, I wanted to talk about... there are so many things to talk about, I did not know what to talk about today. 

And the thing that rose to the top is that despite, I'm sure you have a lot to do you have a lot of things going on and you're asking yourself what's most important. 

We talked about going through your priorities, organizing your time. Today, I wanna talk about feeding your mind, because the inspiration we get, the next path may be the direction that we need, but we need to be in that creative space, our creative imagination. 

So where is our inspiration coming from? Where does my inspiration come from? So when I'm working out, I like to listen to audio books. 

And we're just gonna share with you a selection of three audio books that really inspired me lately. So to just jump right in, we all have our books that we read, but this is one that I really enjoyed. This is a book by Bob Iger, The Ride Of A Lifetime. And he's the current CEO of Disney. 

Now I listened to it about one and a half speed while I'm exercising. This is a great story. One of the greatest companies, inspiring, how about creating the experience, but talking about what made him successful. 

When some of the greatest, most successful people told him you're not gonna make it. You can't ever be CEO of Disney. How did they acquire and create partnerships with some of the most successful companies? Pixar, Marvel Comics, George, he bought George Lucas's Star Wars. 

Are you kidding me? That's a story you gotta hear. And they also created Disney Taiwan, Disneyland in China. So really great story, very inspirational. And what I also really appreciated about this book is Bob Iger. I think he has a very powerful business ethic and whatever you go through in life, you're gonna deal with people with different levels of ethics. 

And you really see as you go through this story, how those ethics play out over long-term. So I feel you'll be inspired. It was a lot of fun, very entertaining. And of course, going through a lot of the stories that I grew up with, a lot of the Disney movies going through that was very enjoyable. So highly recommend. Now that inspired me to go to the next book was his successor. 

Michael Eisner wrote a book on working together. Now this is a really cool book about partnerships, and he highlighted eight or nine different, very successful partnerships in many different industries. And he talked about his own, Michael Eisner's own partnership with Frank Wells and how that made him successful. 

Now with patients we're creating and our team members, we are creating partnerships every day. So it's just a matter of if you don't think you're making partnerships, they're just not that good. 

We are making partnerships. And we want them to be great partnerships and they are all unique partnerships. So I invite you to explore how he was inspired to share about very successful partnerships and how that made him successful. 

And again, what was cool is you hear the stories that dovetail into Bob Iger's telling of his story and becoming the success that he is. So those are two great CEOs, great executive great business minds that you get some insight. Now, once I finished with that it inspired me. 

Normally, I don't like too many things that are warlike or bellicose, but this was Disney Wars. I am really enjoying this because after I heard Bob Iger's story, then I heard Michael Eisner's story, and there were some overlap. 

And of course you get to see it from different ends. Going through Disney War takes a step back, even further and talks about Michael Eisner's story from the outside and Jeffrey Katzenberg and all of the major players through Disney's rebirth, and renovation and to the media mogul success that it is. 

So there's a lot more politics in this one, but again, it comes down to what are your business ethics? What are your habits and qualities that make you memorable to other people that may make you successful? How are your projects going? And what's interesting about this. 

We take on a lot of projects. You will see, see that these successful people take on projects that fail, or that do okay, or that really succeed. And then they find out the success. maybe it wasn't a success five years later, and something that wasn't a success, didn't start out as a success became a huge success down the road. 

So these Disney Wars talks about the politics, Roy Disney, all of these characters, Michael Ovitz. It's wonderful to study the success of these business minds because we are running a business, and we need to make sure our business is successful. 

And when we look back on our businesses, we will see, we make similar mistakes, choices of personnel, decisions that if you haven't seen your business mistakes, you're just not looking and you're not learning from them. So we need to find them for sure. 

So I hope you enjoy those three books. Bob Iger, Michael Eisner's book, find them on audio or Amazon if you want to read them. But I like the audio because I listen when I'm exercising and Disney Wars, I hope you enjoy them. 

And I hope it inspires your creative imagination to look in places that you're not thinking to look, to improve your business, improve your life, and improve your patient experience. I'll see you in the next video.

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