Dr. Rich Post-Covid Week In Review
Week of June 29th
increasing your video consultation conversions

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Dr. Rich: Hi everyone. Dr. Rich, Rich Castellano, the Smile Doctor here with our week in review. So this week our topic is so important and we use this all weekend, it helps us to excel. It is, as you can imagine, it's lighting, and I still see a lot of videos out there where team members are not lit very well. So in the days of virtual telehealth, this is your brand. You got to have good lighting. Lighting makes us all look good, and not only lighting, but there's positioning. We're going to go through all of that. So right now, just to start talking about how to look your best on camera, you got to start with lighting. Whether you get a ring light, don't get the cheapest one that's out there. Look for the reviews because the color matters.

Now I'm lit up from the front. I've got one of these ring lights up front here, and I've got this Lume Cube, which I use for my computer. So don't get the cheapest one, get one that has good reviews. You might need to experiment with a few, or if you're facing an open window during daylight, that works well, but just make sure you look good. And look at the lighting when I do this, and if I turn all of these off. Now, this doesn't look good. It's getting darker. And I turn this off. So simple example, but we don't look as good. So let's remedy that right quickly.

Now, in addition to your lighting, and most of you are going to be on laptops or you're going to be on cell phones, but if you're on a laptop and you are using your frame here. So you see me, if I'm here, if I'm doing a consultation. Now this is way too much light and the light doesn't actually look good go in this example. But I want you to make sure that you're framing your face so that you can see me in the middle there. It's a good frame.

You don't want to do your video consults like this. It's too much. And see what your team is doing because your team is doing your video consults, and that's going to reflect on your brand. Some people will do their videos like this. Some people have food. Now a drink from a bottle, be careful, but just no eating, professional background, good framing. If they're working from home, their home is now your brand.

So you got to look at all these things. Review the videos. Is there lighting good? Is their posture good? Are they leaning back when they're doing this? I will do paperwork when I'm doing a virtual consultation. So I'll tell them, I'll have the paperwork here. I say, "I'm just writing some notes as I'm talking to you." And I'm looking at that camera.

So the frame, the lighting, if you're making notes, that's fine, but just make sure you're still making contact and you're looking at this spot. Right now, when I'm videoing from the iPad, the time is up here. I'm tempted to look up here, but the camera's here. You've got to really look at that camera as if the person's there, and that takes practice.

When we do our Zoom meetings with our team and it's like the Brady Bunch and there's the 20 tiles with all my staff there. I told them, I said, "Okay, everybody get back as far as you can. You don't want to be too far back and you don't want to be too close and you don't want to be too bored, and you don't want to be on your cell phones, swipe, here. Yeah, so I'm just returning a message. None of that. You're there for them. You're focused."

This is a great opportunity to connect with patients better than you ever have before. A video chat is way better than just a phone call. It's a little easier to do the phone call. If the patient isn't as tech savvy, then maybe a phone call is quicker, but still the connection is better when they can see you. You're a person and you're well lit and your hair looks good and you're dressed professionally. All of these things matter for your new brand in the world of telehealth.

So let's make sure you get lit. You can go to Amazon, get these rings. This is called Lume Cube, L-U-M-E C-U-B-E dot com, and it sticks to the back of the computer. It's like a little suction cup. Little things mean a lot. The more video consultations you're doing, the more video interactions, video followups you're doing, all better for social distancing. But also to reiterate in your brand that you are high tech, that you are latest technology, that you are open and available.

And even though 70% of my team is virtual, a lot of them are more accessible. Just clicking, are you here? I don't have to go find them in the office. Can you come see this patient? Or they're with someone, if they are engaged, sometimes they're in a virtual console, they'll follow right up. So they go from live with me to they get home, they're on the phone, they're virtual.

So it's fun. In the world of video, make sure you do your videos as well. We will have more videos coming to you, but make sure your lighting is good. You can't have enough light and they're simple. They're fun. Bring out and embrace your inner rockstar. You are a rockstar to your patients, whether you know it or not, and if you're not, you absolutely are. If you're not, then just ask your patients, just ask your team. That's why you're here. That's why we're all here. So let's celebrate that. Let's light it up and I will see you in the next video. Questions, let us know. Thank you for watching. Have a great week.

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